GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Copper Sulphate 50g/L + Chelated Amino Acids

DESCRIPTION STARCOPĀ® is a broad spectrum Copper solution fortified with Amino Acids. STARCOPĀ® is used for correcting Copper deficiency, boosting plant synthesis and ideal for stress management in Wheat, Barley, Coffee, Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Vegetables, Beans, Peas, Carnations and Roses.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE STARCOPĀ® should be applied during Vegetative growth of a plant.

Wheat and Barley 1Litre per Hectare and 50ml per 20Litres of water
Coffee 1Litre per Hectare and 40ml per 20Litres of water
Onions 600ml per Hectare and 20ml per 20Litres of water
Tomatoes Potatoes and Vegetables 350ml per Hectare and 10ml per 20Litres of water
Beans and French Beans 700ml per Hectare and 25ml per 20Litres of water
Ornamentals (Carnations and Roses) 700ml per Hectare and 25ml per 20Litres of water

COMPATIBILITY STARCOPĀ® is compatible with most pesticides. However, it is recommended to do a miscibility test before mixing with other chemicals. Avoid mixing STARCOPĀ® with highly alkaline or acidifying materials. Also avoid mixing STARCOPĀ® with any products containing Phosphate fertilizers.

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