Echo 1.92EC

Emamectin Benzoate 19.2g/L Non-systemic avermectin insecticide for the control of Caterpillars in Tomatoes; Caterpillars DIRECTIONS FOR USE: CROP PEST APPLICATION RATE PHI Tomatoes and Capsicum Caterpillars 13ml in 20 Litres of water; 410ml in 600 Litres – 1,000 Litres of water 7days Available Packages: 1Litre; 500ml; 250ml; 100ml; 50ml

Bestcarb 90SC

Indoxacarb 60g/L + Abamectin 30g/L Insecticide for the control of Caterpillars in Roses; Tuta Absoluta in Tomatoes. Directions for Use: CROP PEST APPLICATION RATE RE-ENTRY INTERVAL Roses Tomatoes Caterpillars Tuta Absoluta 10ml in 20 Litres of water; 500ml in 1,000 Litres of water 6 Hours Pre-Harvest Interval on Tomatoes: 7 Days Available Packages: 1Litre; 250ml; 100ml; 50ml

Mars 95%SG

Acephate 950g/Kg Systemic, contact and stomach insecticide for the control of Aphids, Thrips and Whiteflies on Roses. Directions for Use: CROP DISEASE APPLICATION RATE Roses Aphids, Thrips and Whiteflies 11g in 20 Litres of water; 550g in 1,000 Litres of water Re-Entry Interval on Roses: 6 Hours Available Packages: 1Kg; 500g; 100g


GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Chromafenozide, 50 g/L ; SC Specific insecticide for lepidopterans control on Tomatoes and Roses DIRECTIONS FOR USE CROPS PESTS RATE/HA RATE/20L PHI Roses Caterpillar 0.5-1.5L 10ml – 15ml N/A Tomatoes Caterpillar 0.5-1.5L 10ml – 15ml 1 day RE-ENTRY PERIOD: Do not enter treated areas for 12 hours unless appropriate protective clothing is worn. …

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GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Abamectin 18g/L DESCRIPTION MITEKING 1.8EC® an insecticide/acaracide that acts by blocking transmission signal between nerve and muscle cell based on normal antibiotic for the control of Red Spidermites; Leafminers on Basil; Chives; French Beans, Roses; Tomatoes. MITEKING 1.8EC® has a knock down effect and relatively short residual effect. Preparation of Spray Mixture Half …

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GUARANTEE (DHAMANA): Pymetrozine 500g/Kg DESCRIPTION: HUNTDOWN 500WDG® is a preventative contact insecticide with a broad spectrum of activity for control against Aphid and Whiteflies on Roses. DIRECTIONS OF USE: HUNTDOWN 500WDG® is applied as a foliar spray. Apply prophylactically for better control. CROPS PESTS APPLICATION RATES RE-ENTRY Roses Aphid and Whiteflies FOLIAR SPRAY; 600g in …

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GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Acetamiprid 200g/Kg DESCRIPTION ACEPRID 200WSP® is a water soluble powder systemic, contact and stomach insecticide for the control of Aphids, Thrips and Whiteflies in Carnations, French Beans, Roses and Tomatoes. USER RESTRICTIONS DO NOT apply more than twice per season to minimise development of resistance to ACEPRID 200WSP®. DIRECTIONS FOR USE   CROPS …

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GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Alphacypermethrin 100g/L DESCRIPTION ALPHAGUARD 10EC® is a broad spectrum insecticide containing Alphacypermethrin which is a Synthetic Pyrethroid for control of Beanflower Thrips on French Beans. DIRECTION FOR USE CROPS DISEASES APPLICATION RATE PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL French Beans Thrips 10ml in 20Litres of water 1 Day – 3 Days APPLICATION METHOD Take the required quantity …



GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Imidacloprid 200g/L DESCRIPTION CLICK 200SL® is highly effective systemic and contact insecticide against Whiteflies, Thrips, Beanflies and Leafminers. CLICK 200SL® (Imidacloprid) belongs to a chemical class Chloronicotinyls, that acts by binding to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. DIRECTIONS FOR USE CROPS PESTS APPLICATION RATE PHI French Beans Whiteflies Thrips and Aphids 15ml in 20Litres …

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GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Indoxacarb 150g/L DESCRIPTION FLONEX 15SC® is an Oxadiazine insecticides for pests stomach and contact action by interfering with sodium channels lead poisoning pests, random paralysis until death for control of Diamondback Moth and Loopers in Cabbages; Tuta Absoluta in Tomatoes and Caterpillars in Roses. DIRECTIONS FOR USE CROPS PESTS APPLICATION RATE TIMING Cabbage …

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