GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Paraquat Dichloride 276g/L

DESCRIPTION HERBSTAR 200SL® is a non-selective post-emergence fast acting contact herbicide for control of Grasses and Broad-leaved weeds in Baby Corn, applied one day before planting.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Measure the required amount of water and mix as per the recommended quantity of HERBSTAR 200SL®. Stir or aggitate to ensure an even mixture. Spraying should be done one day before planting Baby Corn.

Baby Corn Grasses and Broad Leaved Weeds 1.5Litres – 3Litres per Hectare per 200Litres of water; 100ml – 200ml per 20Litres of water

PRECAUTIONS Handling Avoid contact with the eyes, skin and clothing. Wear protective clothing overalls, hat or head dress, rubber boot, rubber gloves and facemask while handling the product. DO NOT apply HERBSTAR 200SL® upwind. DO NOT breathe HERBSTAR 200SL® vapour. DO NOT eat drink or smoke. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse.

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