GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) 2,4-Dimethyl Amine Salt 720g/L

DESCRIPTION CROPMINE 720SL® is a herbicide that controls most Annual and Perennial Broadleaved Weeds in Maize fields.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Measure the required amount of water and mix as per the recommended quantity of CROPMINE 720SL®. Stir/aggitate to ensure an even mixture. Spraying should be done one day before planting Maize.

Maize Annual and Perennial Broad Leaved Weeds 150ml – 200ml in 20Litres of water 30Days

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS DO NOT inhale fumes of spray mist. Wash contaminated clothing thoroughly. Wash with soap and water after accidental skin contact. DO NOT eat, drink or smoke whilst mixing or applying or before washing hands and face. Avoid drift of spray on to crops, grazing, rivers, dams and areas not under treatment. Clean applicator before using with other remedies and dispose of wash water where it will not contaminate crops, grazing, rivers, dams. Destroy empty containers and never use for any other purpose.

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