DESCRIPTION PLANTOC 722SL® is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide with long protective residual activity of 3 Weeks – 8 Weeks against Downey Mildew in Roses. PLANTOC 722SL® is a systemic fungicide with unique mode of action. It is absrbed by roots and translocated throughout the plant to aerial parts. It has limited systemic activity when applied as a foliar spray or soil through drip irrigation. Start applying PLANTOC 722SL® when the first signs of disease infestation are seen for curative action and when weather conditions favour disease development for preventive spray


APPLICATION METHOD When PLANTOC 722SL® is applied through the leaves a full cover spray must be ensured also ensure an even and thorough coverage of all plant parts including the underside of the plant leaves. When is applied through the roots, the soil around the crops must be fully drenched with the chemical.

RE-ENTRY PERIOD Sprayed greenhouses or crop field can be re-entered after 6Hours.