GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Dimethomorph 500g/Kg + Cymoxanil 200g/Kg

DESCRIPTION TUCKER 700WDG® is a protective and curative fungicide for control of Downy Mildew in Roses.

Mode of Action TUCKER 700WDG®contains Dimethomorph and Cymoxanil that are complementary different mode of action; Dimethomorph disrupts the fungal cell wall formation thereby inhibits mycelial growth, sporangial production and increases zoospore lysis; Dimethomorph has translaminar activity and is distributed in the leaf. Cymoxanil is fast acting with translaminar movement and local systemic activity; It inhibits growth of mycelium and sporulation; TUCKER 700WDG® provides protective, curative and antisporulant activity.

Roses Downy Mildew 50g in 20 Litres of water; 2.5Kg in 1,000 Litres of water per Hectare

Re-Entry Period Re-entry period of areas treated with TUCKER 700WDG® is 12 Hours. However, allow for the spray deposits on leaf surfaces to dry before entry.
Preparation of Spray Mixture Half fill the spray tank with water. Mix the required quantity of TUCKER 700WDG® with a little water and then pour the concentrate into the tank and top up with water to the required level while agitating. Spray immediately after mixing. Never spray after an overnight stay of the mixed fungicide.

Application Method TUCKER 700WDG® should be applied as a full cover spray. Ensure an even and thorough coverage of all plant parts including the underside of the plant leaves.

Resistance Management To prevent possible resistance development of this chemical class. TUCKER 700WDG® application should be alternated with products of a different mode of action.

Available Packages: 1Kg



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