GUARANTEE (DHAMANA): Pymetrozine 500g/Kg

DESCRIPTION: HUNTDOWN 500WDG® is a preventative contact insecticide with a broad spectrum of activity for control against Aphid and Whiteflies on Roses.
DIRECTIONS OF USE: HUNTDOWN 500WDG® is applied as a foliar spray. Apply prophylactically for better control.

Roses Aphid and Whiteflies FOLIAR SPRAY;
600g in 1,000Litres of
water per Hectare; 12g
in 20Litres of water
6 hours

MIXING: First mix the required amount of HUNTDOWN 500WDG® with a little water to form thick slurry then add the remaining volume of water and agitate well.
CROP TOLERANCE: HUNTDOWN 500WDG® is well tolerated by Roses. NOTE: As Roses species and the varieties differ in their susceptibility to chemical sprays always test for varietal tolerance before large scale application. Because of wide variety of Roses it is not possible to determine the crop tolerance of them all therefore, make sure that the crop tolerance is tested. The treatment must be done with consideration of
weather, growth stage of the plants and the concentration of the spray. If in doubt, make a preliminary test with an observation time of 10Days -14Days.
PREVENTION OF DAMAGE: Application rates are based on high volume. Check crop tolerance when using low volume at higher concentrations. In general crops are most sensitive during the flowering period. If possible, avoid spraying during flowering. It is preferable not to spray HUNTDOWN 500WDG® at high temperatures or in intensive sunshine. In green houses, on account of the high temperature, pay particular attention to plant tolerance.

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