GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Fenhexamind 500g/L

DESCRIPTION ALIGATOR 500SC® is a broad spectrum fungicide containing Fenhexamid 500g/L
formulated as an soluble concentrate used for the control of Botrytis in Roses.
Mode of Action ALIGATOR 500SC® DOES NOT inhibit spore germination, but it is an inhibitor of germ
tube growth of Botrytis cinerea and prevents the penetration of the fungus into the plant tissue reulting
finally in the death of the fungus. it also inhibits mycelium growth, but to a lesser extent. Due to its new
biochemical mode of action, ALIGATOR 500SC® shows no cross resistance to botryticides of other known
chemical groups; Benzimidazoles, dicatoximides, triazoles, anilinopyrimidines.

Roses Botrytis 1Litre in 1,000Litres of water per Hectare 24Hours

MIXING Half fill spray tank with water. Shake ALIGATOR 500SC® container before measuring the required
quantity. Pour this into the sprayer tank and add water to the mark while agitating to ensure uniform mixture.

PRECAUTION ALIGATOR 500SC® may cause irritation and damage to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Wear gumboots, rubber gloves, overall and face shield when mixing or spraying. DO NOT drink, eat or smoke when mixing or spraying. Remove and wash contaminated protective clothing after work. Clean contaminated body parts with plenty of clean water and soap. Avoid spray drift.

STORAGE Store ALIGATOR 500SC® in an original tightly closed container in a cool place out of reach of
children and away from food and feed stuff.

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