GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Glyphosate 480g/L

DESCRIPTION Mode of Action; GLYPRO 480® is a systemic, non selective post-emergence foliar acting herbicide for the control of weeds in pastures and minimum tillage. When used as directed, it is absorbed through the green leaves and stems and translocated from treated vegetation to underground roots, rhizomes or stolon of weeds. Visible effects on treated weeds appear within 7 Days -14 Days after spraying: a gradual wilting, reddening and then yellowing of the foliage, seen first on grass weeds, but takes longer to appear on broad leaved weeds.
TIMING When weeds have a full emergence of healthy, actively growing green leaves at the time of application. Regrowth or fresh germination of difficult to control weeds may have to be resprayed.
NOTE Allow one week for translocation of GLYPRO 480® before any cultivation takes place for perennials: one day for annuals. Weather Conditions Rainfree period of at least 3Hours – 4Hours must follow spraying. DO NOT spray onto very wet weeds or weeds suffering from drought stress as reduced control may occur. DO NOT spray in windy conditions as drift onto desirable vegetation can cause severe injury or destruction. User Limitations DO NOT mix, store or apply this product in galvanized or unlined mild steel (except stainless steel) containers or spray tanks. Tank Mixture DO NOT tank mix GLYPRO 480® with other chemicals, such as extra welter, adjuvants, fertilizers, oils, anti-foam agents or residual herbicides, except when directed on the labels, as reduced level of weed control may result.
OVERALL APPLICATIONS Where control of the entire swath with associated weed is required, overall spraying should be carried out with a conventional hydraulic sprayer in good order and properly calibrated.
SPOT TREATMENTS Where Patches of weeds are to be treated, a knapsack sprayer may be used using 2% solution (200ml of GLYPRO 480® diluted in 10Litres of water) It should be ensured that weed leaves are not sprayed to the point of run-off as this simply wastes the product Spot treatment of tall weeds can also be carried out by weed wipers using 200ml GLYPRO 480SL® in 300ml of water.
WEED WIPER Mix 1 part GLYPRO 480® with 2 parts of water (33% solution) e.g 200ml GLYPRO 480® with 300ml of water.


Annual Grasses, Broadleaf Weeds and Perrenial Grasses 2Litres – 4Litres in 300Litres of water per Hectare; 100ml – 300ml in 20Litres of water
Hard to Kill Perrenials 2Litres – 4Litres in 300Litres of water per Hectare; 100ml – 300ml in 20Litres of water

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