GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Hexythiazox 100g/L

DESCRIPTION The active ingredient of MITESWEEP 100EC® is a Thiazolidinone compound. MITESWEEP 100EC® is a broad-spectrum miticide with contact and stomach action and with excellent ovicidial, larviicidal and nymphicidal activity for use on Tomatoes and Roses. It has good translaminar activity and a long lasting residual activity against many phytophagous mites, particularly Panoncychus and Tetranychus spp.
MODE OF ACTION: Ovicidal Effects Sprayed eggs, eggs laid on treated leaves and eggs laid by treated adults will not hatch. Larvicidal / Nymphicidal effects: Treated larvae and nymphs that come into contact with treated leaves will die.
APPLICATION MITESWEEP 100EC® should be applied as a full cover spray. Ensure an even and thorough coverage of all plant parts, including the underside of leaves, start spraying when the presence of spider mites is first noticed, spray prior to adult mite population build-up.
MIXING Pour the required amount of MITESWEEP 100EC® into spray tank filled with clean water to the required level, with the agitation system in operation, continue agitation during spraying and stoppages until the tank is completely empty. Spray immediately after mixing.

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT Apply MITESWEEP 100EC® within a miticide spray programme which incorporates products of different mode of action.


Tomatoes Red Spidermites 500ml in 1,000Litres of water per Hectare; 10ml in 20Litres of water Repeat every 10 Days
Pre-Harvest Interval – 3Days
Re-Entry Interval – 12Hours
Roses Red Spidermites 500ml – 1Litre in 1,000Litres of water per Hectare; 50ml – 100ml
depending on the infestation level; 5ml – 10ml in 20Litres of water
Spray at first site of Red Spidermites
attackRe-Entry Interval – 12Hours


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