GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Acephate 750g/Kg

DESCRIPTION MISSILE 75SP® is an insecticide for control of Leaf Chewing Insects, Leaf Minor and Thrips on Roses and Fall Armyworm on Maize. The active ingredient of MISSILE 75SP® is Acephate, a water-soluble insecticide readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage to give systemic control of feeding insects. Insect pests are generally controlled more effectively by through ingestion than by contact.
USE RESTRICTIONS DO NOT apply more than twice per season to minimise development of resistance to MISSILE 75SP®. MISSILE 75SP® can be used under very low pest pressure, and under high pest pressure.

Roses Leaf Chewing Insects, Leaf Minor and Thrips 1.5Kg per 1000Litres of water per Hectare; 30g per 20Litres of water RE-ENTRY INTERVAL – 6Hours
Maize Fall Armyworm 2.5Kg in 1,000Litres of water per Hectare; 20g per 20Litres of water PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL – 7Days

APPLICATION METHOD Mixing Instructions Dissolve the required quantity of MISSILE 75SP® in a small volume of water and then add to the filling spray tank while agitating. Clean this container by rinsing and add rinsate to the spray tank. Never mix undiluted products or their premixes before adding to the tank. When MISSILE 75SP® is used in a water-oil mixture, first dissolve the MISSILE 75SP® in the spray water before adding the oil.

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