GUARANTEE (DHAMANA) Diafenthiuron 500g/L

DESCRIPTION MEGARON 500SC® is a non – systemic miticide with a new mode of action for control of Red Spidermites on Roses. MEGARON 500SC® is highly active against resistant Red Spidermites. The active ingredient of MEGARON 500SC® is diafenthiuron. Diafenthiuron is a safe chemical to the adults of all beneficial insect groups. This property of diafenthiuron makes MEGARON 500SC® suitable for Integrated Pest Management.
MODE OF ACTION The pest remains immobile on the crop until death after around 3 Days – 4 Days. After the first intake no further damage occurs on the crop. Diafenthiuoron has an excellent contact and stomach action with some ovicidal properties.

Roses Red Spidermites 60ml – 100ml per 100Litres of water 24 Hours

APPLICATION METHOD: MEGARON 500SC® should be applied as a full cover spray. Ensure an even and thorough coverage of all plant parts including the underside of the plant leaves. MEGARON 500SC® should be sprayed at the onset of spidermites and three applications are recommedend each at interval of 7 Days -10 Days. The lower rates of 60ml per 100Litres of water can be used under very low pest pressure, and 100ml per 100Litres of water under high pest pressure.

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